Tribute to Gustav Mahler  7.7.1860 – 18.5.1911


The music of Gustav Mahler, the inspired conductor and composer, has been attracting listeners all over the world by a perfect capturing of the discrepancies of the modern world with all its contrasts, by the rendering of the creative force of human mind as well as the catastrophes caused by it, by picturing the grandeur of nature, endless human malice as well as rare humanity with humour and irony, with evil sarcasm and kind smile.

This website offers basic information about the life and work of the great composer and a survey of events by which Czech cultural scene commemorates the 150th anniversary of Gustav Mahler's birth and the centenary of his death.
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19.4.2009 Jugendorchester

V neděli 19. dubna vystoupí ve Smetanově síni Obecního domu Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester, u jehož zrodu stál Claudio Abbado. Orchestr složený z nejnadanějších mladých evropských hudebníků patří mezi nejlepší světové orchestry. V Praze vystoupí s dirigentem Ingo Metzmacherem a sólistkou Jane Irwin. Na programu je 3. symfonie Gustava Mahlera. Vstupenky v pokladně Pražského jara v Rudolfinu nebo v předprodeji

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